Thursday, 15 February 2018

A Goal Without a Plan is Only a Dream

It’s taken me all of January to put pen to paper, or is that fingers to keyboard, but here I am typing away. January 2018 seemed to be filled with less ‘new year new me’ and more ‘new year, new goals’. Everyone is keen to set a fresh set of objectives for themselves with the aim at improving their current lifestyle. I have seen many a blog or Instagram post where people are setting out their intentions for 2018. Now, I am all for aiming high with your new year’s resolutions and while I did succeed on one of my 2017 resolutions (more to come on that) I do believe that having a goal without a plan is only having a dream.

So 2018, for me, will not start with elaborate goal setting, but instead will begin with creating action plans. I, like most people, have a number of long term goals which always seem to exceed me.  No matter how much I want certain things I never seem to get much closer to attaining them. With some careful thought, also known as a lot of trial and error with emphasis on the errors, I have decided to break down my objectives into smaller more attainable tasks. I started by brainstorming my ambitions, and deciding which ones a) I want most, b) take many years of work and need to be started now, and c) are realistic. I chose just a few, I am not Wonder Woman, and wrote lists of the necessary tasks required to reach my goals. For example if you want to win awards for blogging you would need to actually start a blog; create a name, design and build a website or WordPress, create some content, etc. 

After breaking down each goal into smaller tasks I went on to order these task chronologically. This mapping of tasks has led to the creation of a 2018 plan of action which should, fingers and toes crossed, edge me towards attaining my end goals. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Forever Friends Type 1-
the nice guy you friend zones because you wanted to chase the bad boy

He would do anything for you. He is always there for you. He’s wiped your tears and fed you ice cream in times of need. He’s even done up the back of your dress when all the girls vanished on that night out. But you just don’t fancy him. Sometimes this actually annoys you as he is the only nice guy you know. Alas, you can’t force love.

He doesn’t fancy you. He fancies Sex

It’s not a weird coincidence that he randomly messages you after you’ve posted that super-hot, vogue worthy Instagram picture. He wants to see you; but he has no money. He’s up for anything; as long as it involves you driving to his house “to chill”. Despite your innocent heart believing that he is so keen to see you, you need to face reality. He isn’t desperate to see you; he’s desperate for some late night naughty. Tell him to JOG ON!!!!
Oh and next time he messages you after your fit pic upload make sure you message back with “just comment on there and stop cluttering up my inbox”.

The Keen Bean

He’s so keen it makes you vom a little. Honestly is there no off button to this guy? You know he was the try hard joker in school. Not the one that was actually funny but the one that wanted to please everyone. If he’d stop jumping around trying to impress he might actually be cute.

Forever Friends Type 2- 
the one that friend-zoned you…

He calls you randomly “just to chat”, you have shameless flirty banter ALL THE TIME, and, on multiple occasions, you’ve even discussed you future home/life together. So why isn’t he down on his knees begging to be your boyfriend? Oh, that’s right, it’s because he’s dating that girl he’s “not sure on yet”. WT actual F.

“But I was drunk and he was there (multiple times)” guy

I don’t think this one needs an explanation. Maybe just that little monkey
emoji covering its eyes.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Whether you are newly single or a loud and proud singleton this post is dedicated to you. I am sorry but I am more than happy to declare that these things are far superior to having a boyfriend. Hands up who’s with me?

  1. Fake Tanning - Go on admit it; you’ve sacrificed that golden glow for a night of naughty. No straight guy likes the smell or idea of getting into bed with a chimney sweep. Besides no one wants a repeat of 2013’s between the legs tan streaks.
  2. Hobbies - Admittedly I am a bit of a gym addict, and often resented spending the whole weekend with my ex as it meant three whole days away from the gym (he refused to work out with me which is stupid as I was close to lifting as much as him anyway). This might not be a big deal for the average single girl but think about how much time you have for your hobbies now. LOOOAADS. Love it!!!!
  3. Shaving for Self-fulfilment (and not knowing who will bare-witness to such cheeky) - Shaving ones legs “just because” is so gratifying. None of that “he’s coming round tonight but I’m already late for work” dilemmas.
  4. SHOPPING - “But you have two pink tops already” Yes but I need a third, what if they are both in the wash and its Wednesday hmm?” No more being judged on how much you spend on clothes, make up, handbags *covers face in shame* #sorrynotsorry.
  5. Social Freedom - Freedom to book and plan holidays and events without checking the joint calendar for you and your partner. No one to answer to. Also, holiday antics…the less said the better? ;)
  6. Wine - AKA” I hate men club”- I would like to highlight that this is not a literal club, neither is it something only single girls do. There is no denying that a good section of girly catch up time is spent slagging of boyfriends, partners, and other men in a girl’s life. When single this is all the more fun as there is a slight venomous tinge allowing one to really “let go” as it were, which is just so satisfying.
  7. BoyFRIEND Bonding - Getting to hang out with your guy mates without feeling and sense of guilt. Even if you’re lucky and your partner is “totally cool” with you spending time with your guy mates, and you know for a fact that nothing is/was/will be between the two of you, girls always feel an essence of guilt or sense of wondering as to what extent the bf is actually ok with it. But not the single girl. She has no one to answer to. Winning!!!!
  8. Matching Underwear - Wearing matching underwear without anyone knowing is so empowering and sexy. AND if anyone is lucky enough to find out...BONUS!!!!
  9. Becoming Closer to Friends - I am not sure if this is just me but I feel a little more myself recently and I find that I am the outgoing confident person I was a while back (possibly pre-bf but I cannot deny or confirm this) I seem to have more time for friends and not only that when I am with friends they have my full attention. Consequently, people seem to be more inclined to open up to me. The recent insight I have had into people’s lives is eye opening and has made me realise a few things about life as a whole.
  10. Hot Pants - I was always very aware that I had a bf and probably shouldn’t wear ridiculously short shorts or that super low cut top. But why? I am not flaunting my body in order to seek attention. I was not going to go home with the first guy that looked my way on girl’s nights, mainly because its girl’s night and we all know the rules on girl’s night ;). So why did I ditch the hot pants and wear the midi dress when my bum and legs are my best asset #shesquats (not being big headed it just fitted and sounded funny. Now I feel awkward and a lot of pressure to improve my bum in case I meet any of you).

Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

This little box was my SUPERhero

On returning from my amazing ski holiday in the breath-taking Dolomites I was greeted with the biggest contrast you could imagine. The clear blue skies and crisp air I had become accustomed to, was replaced with grey damp dreariness. It was Monday 8am and I had almost given up on life already, when I discovered this delightful box of cuteness on my desk.

My Little Superbox is exactly what I needed to get me through my holiday blues, especially as it came with STICKERS-no I am not too old for stickers especially when they are Wonder Woman!!!!

Caudalie’s Hand and Nail Cream (30ml)

This bestselling cream by Caudalie is a blessing in the transition from winter to spring. There is no excuse for brittle skin while saving the world ladies.
Usually £12 for 75ml

Lait Cristal by K√©rastase  (75ml)

The Kérastase Cristaliste Haircare Range is one I am yet to try but I have no fear that this conditioning treatment will leave my hair SUPERsoft. The 75ml sample is perfect for testing out the product on your hair type before purchasing items form the range, as although very worthy they are not cheap.
Usually £20 for 200ml

Lips & Cheeks Pencil by My Little Beauty (full size)

Every superhero needs a multi-functional tool. This delicate peach shade is perfect for putting a “spring” back into your makeup bag. I am a huge fan of the simple but cute packaging of the My Little Beauty range and love that they send full size samples of their products.
Usually £10.50 and sold on My Little Corner

T-shirt by Gat Rimon

The little card that accompanied the box read “this t-shirt by Gat Rimon x My Little Box will definitely give you feel good vibes” and I can concur that it did!!!! This French Branded beauty is simple and versatile. Everything you want in a t-shirt.
Usually £29 and sold on

My Little World

I thoroughly enjoyed this month’s addition of “My Little World”. At first glance the magazine was vibrant and fun. I read it on my lunch hour and was delighted with the content-the Super Photo Shoot was a particular favourite for me. 

All in all, I am thus far a big fan of My Little Box. This is the second month I have received one and I am yet to be disappointed. 

For more details visit 
(£11/month+ £3.95 P&P per month)